DJ Nikolas.S.

My name is Nikolas Stylianou also known as Nikolas.S. As a beginner, I firstly started my career in 2005 when I was 17 years old where I was playing amateur for a year in different bars all over my country. In 2006 I got a job at Sesto Senso Club Limassol and Dizzy Bizzy Limassol where for the first couple of nights I was working with another DJ and then continued on my own as the resident DJ until 2015.

Moving on, I started working as resident DJ in Dolce Club Limassol where I continue working until now. Furthermore, apart from bars and clubs, in the past two years I organised tours all around Greece and England where I played in cities such as Athens, Leeds, Manchester, London etc. Additionally, I was invited as a guest DJ in well-known events.

Lastly, throughout my career so far, I had the opportunity to be responsible for the openings in concerts of famous singers such as Elena Paparizou, Hlias Vrettos, Dionisis Sxoinas as well as for the openings in known DJs such as W&W, Playmen and Hector.